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After the creation of a development team for our men's team Alpecin-Deceuninck, there will also be a continental team for Fenix-Deceuninck. With this, the team confirms its commitment to gender equality and development.

"We see this as a logical step in our growth. The women’s development team completes the structure. Where we want to offer the same chances to women as to men, we also see this as a necessary step to be future-proof, both towards riders and partners. And future is a synonym for development.

Both our women’s and men’s development team will have the continental status. It allows us to mix with the WT-teams in order to adjust the rhythm of development during the season in a way that it becomes tailor-made.

To complete the pyramid, we intensify our 5-year collaboration with the WAC TEAM. They have over 125 members, girls and boys until U19, including G-sports. All riders wear the symbolic MerciPoupou-jersey: this is not only a way to show the connection with Alpecin-Deceuninck/Fenix-Deceuninck but it also symbolizes the passing on the passion for cycling from grandparent to grandchild. It’s a way to make cycling more accessible to the youth."