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Plantur-Pura wordt Fenix-Deceuninck

Fenix, innovative materials for interior design, and Deceuninck, specialized in sustainable windows and doors, have been on board with the Ciclismo Mundial structure for a while now. Both companies believe in the development we are going through and want to support it by also becoming name partners of our women's team in the coming years. Plantur-Pura will become Fenix-Deceuninck on January 1, 2023.

"Fenix will remain a partner of the men's team, but will focus on the women from January 1," says team manager Philip Roodhooft. "Deceuninck will extend its partnership with the men - as name sponsor - linearly to the women's team. This allows both companies to make a difference as a brand, but they are also important for us in the further expansion of our complete structure, not only the women's team. Also Alpecin, Canyon and Zwift keep engaging in all our ranks. All this allows us to follow the most ideal path, which is to offer women and men the same opportunities at the highest level."

Once again, Fenix has chosen the path of innovation. Not just in the interior design sector, but also in the cycling world. “We are proud to support the growth of a women’s team that has an innovative approach and shares a set of values that is aligned with our Fenix brand,” says Stefano Mion, CEO of Arpa Industriale, the company that created Fenix innovative materials for interior design.

“The team is ready to take the next step and with Fenix, we are committed to make it happen. This is a team that does not rely on talent alone and believes, as we do, that reaching the highest level requires hard work, dedication and a constant desire to improve. They focus on growth and long-term goals requiring rigor to reach the highest standards,” says Mion.

Also Bruno Humblet, CEO of Deceuninck, is enthousiast to be part of our women’s squad. “We are very proud and excited to be name sponsor for both the women’s and the men’s team, and provide the necessary stability to continue building. “